As it grows, it requires the participation of a specialist in this role, who is called boss, manager or purchasing manager. In a large company the need for this anvelope iarna specialist is obvious.

Domestic purchases

When purchasing department responsible acquires goods or services in the country, are understood to be national or domestic purchases, which process we discuss in a general way as follows:
Establish procedure object commitments, relationships and information exchanges purchasing department for requesting and of these to the purchasing department. Politics is the sole responsibility of the purchasing department, provide the applicant requesting materials in the best conditions, with appropriate quality at great cost and with the best conditions in the delivery on the market. It will also be the responsibility of the Purchasing Department, the keep the applicant on possible deviations that may have the above conditions.

Requesting Procedure: Requests the Purchasing Department any materials you need. If the required material is an emergency, the applicant must write on the requisition the cause of the emergency. The term that the applicant request for delivery of the material shall be that really need it.

Anvelope iarna purchasing Department: This procedure provides that in all cases the purchasing department must keep the applicant of the progress of their requisitions and any deviation that could be presented in its course, with maximum advance as possible, so that the applicant can take preventive actions. Shopping inform the applicant in writing, the status of each of the requested purchases, whether they are to perform as normally requested or that there is any deviation from what the applicant originally requested.

Normal situations will be communicated to the applicant through the copy of the relevant anvelope iarna order and possible deviations in writing. When the order cannot be placed within the time required, Purchasing will send the applicant, at the latest within four business days of receipt of the requisition, a letter indicating this error and the commitment date of delivery of the material. Whenever there are dupes market fully identified the materials requested by the applicant, the anvelope iarna Purchasing Department shall have the power, if necessary, to purchase dupes instead of the originally requested materials, without reference to the applicant.

The only time it will not apply this power the Purchasing Department, will be when the applicant otherwise indicated in your requisition. When the purchasing department receives requisitions containing any or all items with insufficient or incorrect data that do not identify fully the material have to buy is not accepted. If not detected above while receiving requisitions, the buyer will send the applicant, the requisition returning a letter and indicating this situation. This is not valid for emergency requisitions. In such a case you will be requesting clarification gel and then send the letter.


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